The Researcher’s Night at the University of Turku introduces the wondrous world of plants, animals and humans and especially the scientists studying these topics.

The event is organised on the University Hill at 2–11pm and it features guided tours to the permanent exhibition of the Zoological Museum as well as to the scientific collections of the Zoological Museum and Herbarium which have thus far only been in the use of the researchers. The tours include, for example, animal and plant specimens that survived the Great Fire of Turku. During the evening, you can play a game developed by cultural historians where the player can make value-based decisions in situations that occurred centuries ago. The Researcher’s Night also features open lectures: one on animals and plants suitable for the whole family and one on the effects of hate on society directed at adults. The Night culminates in bug safari and bat walk.

The event is open and free-of-charge to everyone.