At the University of Oulu, the theme of the Researchers´ Night – Traces – will be examined in the numerous workshops, presentations and discussions. Our cultural heritage is brought out and the Finnish Civil War in 1918 is reminisced from the point of view of reconciliation and recovering.

In the workshops, there will be popular magical chemistry tricks, novel uses and applications of light will be brought to daylight, paper will be made of nanocellulose, the world of the good, the bad and the ugly microbes is open, the participants of the technology workshop can explore what technology design is about. The public can bring own findings to the archaeology workshop to be identified by the researchers. The mummy researchers tell how clergyman Rungius from the 1600’s promotes science still today. Reading Dog and Cat are ready for children´s stories, and the public will find out what the mysterious detective agency will do for the disabled people. The secrets of the birth of the universe and the black matter will be opened in the Researchers´ Night.

Renovated greenhouses Romeo and Julia in the botanical garden open their doors for the Researchers´ Night and invite the public to the tropics on guided tours.

The rap band SOFA closes the Night!

Read more about the event and get to know the programme at www.oulu.fi/university/researchersnight2018.