The University of Oulu invites everybody interested in science to Linnanmaa campus on the Researchers´ Night! There will be an interesting multidisciplinary setting of workshops, presentations and lectures.

In the workshops, there will be paper making from nanocellulose, peeps in the bugs’ and water bugs´ life, block coding and 3D modelling, identification tasks of archaeological objects, bones and textiles. The mummy researchers tell how clergyman Rungius who lived on the 1600’s promotes science today, on virtualized way. Where does the voice come from? The answer will be found in the workshop of logopaedics.

The task track of dentistry and the workshop of the biomedicine represent the research of medicine. The researchers of different fields talk about their expeditions all over the world. In the workshop of entrepreneurship, children can found their own company.

VR glasses can be tested by wandering in the 3D museum of zoology and in the modelled forest. A surgery in which the spectator sees the doctor’s view is tested in the 5G network with the VR glasses. The questions of the genetic genealogy get answers in the public lecture.

Genetic genealogy has become common lately. In the lecture, the topic will be opened. The secrets of the black matter and the birth of the universe will be opened in the Researchers´ Night at the University of Oulu. Greenhouses Romeo and Julia in the botanical garden open their doors for the Researchers´ Night and invite the public to the tropics on guided tours.

The web site will be opened later on.