Experience Science at Matkus Shopping Centre in Kuopio!

The European Researchers’ Night brings science to the public at Matkus Shopping Centre in Kuopio on 28 September 2018 at 16–20. Visit our event booths, follow science sessions on topical issues, and listen to interviews with scientists! The event will be hosted by news reporter Matti Rönkä. The programme is free of charge and suitable for people of all ages. Welcome! The European Researchers’ Night is organised by the University of Eastern Finland in association with the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Geological Survey of Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and Snellman Summer University.

The language of the formal programme is Finnish; however, most of the event booths will have English-speaking staff available to share the wonders of science with those not fluent in Finnish

There will be a science bus running between the market place and Matkus, featuring discussions on topics such as the production of brain organoids, gambling, sensory memories and eco-friendly recirculating aquaculture. The science sessions at Matkus will also provide insight into the gut-brain connection, RNA therapy for heart disease, and the development of the self. At our event booths, you can have a go at DNA isolation, report weather observations, look at bugs under a microscope, listen to real-life stories about integration into Finnish society, try out your skills in robotics and hand-washing, taste health-promoting quinoa products developed by our researchers, participate in a fake news contest, pitch your research idea, and play health-promoting games. You can also visit our ever-popular teddy bear hospital, teddy bear pharmacy and teddy bear maternity clinic!

The programme is available at: https://www.uef.fi/web/tiedetapahtuma/kuopio-2018