Science and comedy at Researchers’ night in Joensuu!

Researchers’ Night dives into the depths of comedy and science in a live broadcast from the Joensuu City Theater Club.  You can see magic of the stand up as well as the latest news of science shown on the stage. The live broadcast starts at 7 p.m.

  • Tourism in transition – what is changing or is nothing changing: Juho Pesonen, Research manager of Digital Tourism Business
  • In the interfaces of the urban environment: University teacher Jani Karhu
  • Curriculum for Breaking Gendered Structures: Researcher Salla Myyry

The event is made in collaboration with “Kerro Jotain Uutta” -stand up club and it is hosted by comedian Janne Hyttinen. The language of the programme is Finnish.

This year, University of Eastern Finland’s Researchers’ Night 2020 is organized as a live broadcast on YouTube without an audience. The public can ask questions during the broadcast.

The event is free and open to everyone. Welcome!

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