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This year the Researchers’ Night takes place in Helsinki. The program is organized by the French Institute and Institute of Physics. Welcome to dive into interesting science topics of artificial intelligence, robotics and physics!

— French Institute: “Artificial Intelligence in Language Learning – RoboLang Project”  —

At this year’s Researchers’ Night, our researcher guests from the University of Turku will come to talk about artificial intelligence in language learning and their RoboLang project.

How are robots used in foreign language teaching? The University of Turku’s RoboLang project investigates multimodal interaction in a learning environment between a learner and a robot. The study examines learners’ learning outcomes, emotions and motivation, as well as the role of the teacher in a robot-assisted language teaching situation.


Outi Veivo (University teacher, French, University of Turku) specializes in language learning and especially in the processes of understanding and producing the spoken language.

Maarit Mutta (University Lecturer, Docent, French, University of Turku) is an expert in linguistics whose research focuses on metalanguage awareness, writing processes and learning in hybrid situations.

Both are involved in the teams of the RoboLang project of the Language Learning Research Center (LEALA) and the Fluency and Disfluency Features in L2 Speech project funded by the Academy of Finland. Maarit Mutta has worked as a project manager in the multinational ERASMUS + (LALI 2017-2020) project, which aimed to support the social and linguistic integration of immigrants by teaching the local language and literacy through the arts.

  • The programme is from 5 pm to 6.30 pm. The language of the program is French.
  • The programme will be streamed on the French Institute’s Youtube channel. If you wish, you can come to the French Institute to follow the programme (max. 20 people, taking into account the safety instructions).

Read more on the French Institute’s event page.

— Institute of Physics (HIP) / Helsinki —

The program has it’s own website where visitors can see, hear and experience the phenomena of physics themselves! Would you like to see ionizing radiation? Are you interested in hearing about cosmology or seeing what everyday-life objects look like under a microscope? The program includes for example pictures, videos and Zoom-streams during the event.

Plase see more from the web-page of Institute of Physics. The schedule and more detailed information will be updated on the website a couple of days before the Researchers ’Night.