European Researchers’ Night: Experience Science at Matkus Shopping Centre in Kuopio!

The European Researchers’ Night brings science to the public at Matkus Shopping Centre in Kuopio on 27 September 2019 at 16–20. Visit our stands and booths, follow science sessions on topical issues and listen to interviews with scientists! The European Researchers’ Night will be hosted by Journalist and Media Person Tuija Pehkonen. The programme is free of charge and suitable for people of all ages. Welcome! The European Researchers’ Night is organised by the University of Eastern Finland, in association with partners.

Catch a ride with our researchers in a science bus that will take you from the market square to Matkus – free of charge! When in Matkus, be sure to check out our science sessions on topics such as the great collection of ants, emission-free cars, the role of indoor air microbes in health, and food as a solution to our planet’s problems. We also recommend a visit to our stands and booths showcasing microsurgery, welfare technology, endocrine disruptors, new welfare indicators and a mobile app that provides support for lifestyle changes. You can also learn to self-monitor your skin and contribute to research by giving a blood sample to a biobank. Virtual tools allow you to take a look at the human anatomy, and you can also test your skills in cancer drug design. Children will be entertained by our humour workshop, teddy bear doctors and the teddy bear maternity clinic as well as by the Pilke day care centre Väläys. The evening will culminate in snapshots of science under the theme “What on earth? This is being studied, too.”