In Researchers’ Night in Kajaani, a central theme in presentations and discussions is the future of Kainuu region and how research, education and expertise can support creation of a good future.

Already earlier during the day Adult and Continuing Education Services AIKOPA and the Unit of Measurement Technology MITY organize program at work places and in schools. In the evening, the Researchers’ Night event starts with a public lecture about the future of Kainuu according to different scenarios. After the lecture, a panel discussion will be organized where University Consortium, regional decision makers, entrepreneurs and youth are represented. There will be a separate hands-on workshop for children.

After the discussion, there will be coffee served and participants have an opportunity to talk with local researchers and PhD students and to see exhibition presenting posters about research and development work done in the University Consortium in point-of-care diagnostics, sports technology, early childhood education, environmental monitoring, natural products, and biomasses & bioeconomy.

Read more about the event at www.oulu.fi/kajaaniuniversityconsortium.